Fisher-Price Think & Learn to Code-a-pillar

Fisher-Price Think & Learn Code-a-pillar it’s a great toy and a great way to introduce kids to programming – while playing and having fun!

Code-a-pillar inspires little learners to be big thinkers by encouraging preschoolers to arrange (and rearrange) the easy-to-connect segments in endless combinations, sending Code-a-pillar on his path. This learning toy encourages experimentation while developing important skills like problem solving, planning & sequencing and critical thinking.

There’s no end to the combinations kids can make – mix up the segments and put them back together to send Code-a-pillar in a different direction every time!

A learning tablet for all kids? LeapFrog LeapPad!

LeapFrog LeapPad is the 100% kid-perfect learning tablet that is built kid-tough with a 7-Inch hi-res screen and Wi-Fi with kid-safe Web.

LeapPad Ultra comes packed with fun features, designed by experts just for kids.
Write. Draw. Snap photos. Make videos. And enjoy new peer-to-peer play that’s safe out of the box.
With 11 included apps and so many ways to create and explore, LeapPad Ultra inspires a love of learning.

Ages 4 – 9 years

Star Wars Imperial AT-AT All Terrain Armored Transport Vehicle. The largest action figure AT-AT ever made!

Star Wars Imperial AT-AT All Terrain Armored Transport Vehicle. The largest action figure AT-AT ever made!

Scaled to interact with 3 ” figures, the Star Wars 2010 Super Deluxe AT-AT Walker measures approximately 24″ tall x 28″ long x 12″ wide, is designed to carry a total of 20 figures, 6 of which can be used as crew for the AT-AT head cockpit; the Super Deluxe AT-AT is accompanied by a 3 ” AT-AT Driver and a deployable Speeder Bike.

Bearing dimensions sufficient to crush all opposition and thoroughly terrorize all enemies of the Empire, the quadrupedal AT-AT stands 22.5 meters tall.
Crewed by a pilot, gunner/copilot, deck officers and a commander, the AT-AT is capable of housing forty or more troops, and as many as five Speeder Bikes and two AT-ST vehicles.

Powered by an FW62 compact fusion drive system, the AT-AT is equipped with an MS-1 fire-linked heavy laser cannon, medium repeating blasters, and Durasteel footpads. During the Empire assault on the Rebel Alliance Echo Base on Hoth, lumbering AT-AT Walkers, pitted against the Alliance Snowspeeders, comprised a large portion of the Imperial occupation. Later, Walkers were used to patrol the Empire holdings, in conjunction with Death Star II shield generator, on the moon of Endor.

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Harry Potter Wand with light and sound!

Make sure your magic is complete with this Authentic Deluxe Harry Potter Wand with light and sound!

From the Harry Potter series comes this great-looking wand with jaw-dropping lights and sounds to enhance your costume with three magical movie sounds and motion activated!

Put an enchanting spell over your friends, and if they don’t oblige, whack them with this wand to get their attention. From the Harry Potter series comes this great-looking wand with jaw-dropping lights and sounds to enhance your costume. This wand is similar to the one wielded by the young Hogwart!

Harry Potter Wand with light and sound is magically available now for less than US $ 5.00!

Dungeons & Dragons Heroscape Master Set: Battle For The Underdark, let the battle begin!

Legends of the D&D universe come to Heroscape!

The hordes of evil must be stopped. The Valkyrie Generals representing the forces of good have summoned brave adventurers to embark on a quest to defeat the black dragons and their wicked allies. Who will prevail and who will perish?
Iconic characters and monsters from the worlds of Dungeons & Dragons joins forces with the ultimate build and battle miniatures game to bring new dimensions of fun for everyone!
Battle a troll, a band of drow (dark elves), and ultimately face the evil black dragon.
Fifty configurable terrain pieces ensures hours of replay as you design your own battles.
Choose one of the five customizable game scenarios included or create a scenario of your own – its all up to you!

Dungeons and Dragons meets Heroscape in the Battle for the Underdark Master Set 3.
10 detailed miniature figures and 50 interlocking pieces are included in this build and battle game system. Unique heroes include Tandros Kreel of Einar, Erevan Sunshadow of Jandar, Darrk Ambershard of Aquilla, and Ana Karithon of Einar.
Play one of five select games or customize and create your own!

Dungeons & Dragons Heroscape Master Set: Battle For The Underdark is available now for US $ 44.99 (but check last-minute savings & offers!)

Fischertechnik Industry Robots II: pure robotics know-how!

Three reality-based and fully functional robots with precise details: triple-axis industry robots and two welding robots.

How are robots built? And how do you program the control software? The Fischertechnik Industry Robots II construction kit will show you how. — With this kit, what may sound complicated turns into a fascinating game – and not only for small technology enthusiasts.

The revised version of the tried-and-tested construction kit with 480 building elements is aligned to the new ROBO Pro software and the ROBO Interface.

Professionals will be delighted by the varied programming options. Even beginners will easily get to grips with the technology and are introduced to it step by step in the form of sample programs.

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Ravensburger Labyrinth a board game for everybody!

For over 25 years, Ravensburger Labyrinth has been delighting players of all ages.

This board game is all about movement! Unexpected and permanent obstacles appear before the players. The rules are easy to understand, making this amazing maze game a family classic!

LEGO Toy Story Buzz’s Star Command Ship

“Not today, Zurg.” On a mission to save the Galaxy, Buzz Lightyear travels to distant planets in his Star Command Spaceship from Lego.
Buzz is always ready to take on his arch enemy, the Evil Emperor Zurg.
If his spaceship gets damaged, Buzz has a secret moon buggy to take out onto the surface.

Buzz’s Ship features list:

  • Includes 2 minifigures: Buzz Lightyear and Evil Emperor Zurg
  • Buzz spaceship with opening panels and cockpit
  • Moon buggy hidden inside spaceship
  • Part of scene where Buzz believes he has landed on the Earth
  • 257 pieces

Our recommended age: 7 years and up

LEGO Toy Story Buzz’s Star Command Ship (7593) is available everywhere on Planet Earth for less than US $ 28.00!

CAT Kid Tractor with Fully functional front loader! Big tractor, big fun!

CAT Kid Tractor is sure to excite all active children who enjoy playing outside.
Big features and designed as a starter tractor model to fit younger children.
Fully functional components make this tractor just like the real thing with a fully operational front loader that scoops, carries and dumps.

The CAT Pedal Tractor is loaded with fun and sure to excite children who enjoy playing outside!

The German-made CAT tractor’s blow-molded resin body is built to handle job site pounding and outdoor elements.
Your little contractor can really move some dirt – and get a great workout at the same time. Over 42in. long when loader is up!
Perfect for kids up to 50 lbs. (ages 1-5 depending on size).
Recommended Ages (years): 2 – 4, the CAT Kid Tractor is available now for under US $ 130.00!

Think Big Science – Life Science Game for up to 4 players!

Think Big Science Life Science Game. Climb the tower to conquer the big ideas of science.

Reinforces key science concepts, content vocabulary, data and graph interpretation, and life science topics.
Color-coded, standards-based questions relate to animals, plants, life cycles, food chains, human body and more. Short answer and multiple choice—similar to standardized tests.
Players move up the tower, answering a conceptual big idea question at the top to win.

Includes 200 double-sided question cards in storage box and easy-to-assemble game tower measuring 3 1/2″ in diameter at bottom x 10 3/4″H.
For 2–4 players.

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