We have seen the EyeClops Night Vision Goggles before and they were one of the coolest tech toys last holiday season. A new EyeClops product has been announced that is called the EyeClops Mini Projector.
The projector allows movies, games and more to be projected onto a screen or wall to be viewed.


The EyeClops Mini Projector is pocketsize and lightweight for portability. LED backlighting is bright enough to project games and other sources up to 70-inches in size from any multimedia device from Blu-ray players to game consoles.

Speakers are built-in to the device for sound and it can run for up to ten hours on standard D cell batteries or indefinitely with an included AC adapter.

Get the EyeClops Mini Projector now: tag price is $54.97 (you’re super saving: $45.02 – 45% less!)