Digital Blue CD Lego Boombox: not just another ordinary brick in the wall!

Kids of all ages love their LEGO bricks!
Now you can have great new gadget with cool LEGO styling that any fan will love.
This Digital Blue LEGO CD Boombox is styled to look just like a LEGO brick, but is exactly 10 times the size!

The knobs on top work as volume and tuner controls.
It is stackable, too, just like LEGO bricks!
The LEGO Alarm Clock Radio connects on top of the Digital Blue LEGO CD Boombox so you can construct your own LEGO electronics corner.
Your favorite tunes will sound great with 1W channel speakers and Bass Boost sound.
Listen to CDs, AM/FM radio or connect your MP3 via an auxiliary cord.
It is also outfitted with a 1.1″ LCD display with backlight and 10mW output earphone jack.

The Boombox is styled to look just like a LEGO brick, but only 10 times the size. The knobs on top work as volume and tuner controls. It is stackable, too, just like LEGOs! You can even connect your MP3 via an auxilary cord, It also has a 1.1? LCD display with backlight.

The Digital Blue LEGO CD Boombox is available now for US $39.99!

D-Rex Interactive Dinosaur: a ferocious yet loyal interactive dinosaur with an independent personality!

The ultimate Prehistoric Pet is back again with great new features.
D-Rex Interactive Dinosaur 2009 combines robotics, sensors and reptilian-like skin to create a lifelike appearance and behavior. He’ll walk, chomp and roar. Like a real pet, D-Rex will follow the sound of your voice, make funny noises and protect your room with his roaring guard mode. Now you can even teach D-Rex tricks, programming him to perform a sequence of up to 30 actions.

Dinosaur lovers of all ages are in luck!
The D-Rex Interactive Dinosaur 2009 is a friend, guardian, and prankster all rolled into one toy. Designed for kids eight years and older, this dinosaur –brought to life with “biomorphic robotics”– features over 100 sounds and movements. Using a bone-shaped remote,D-Rex responds to an “attack” command by roaring and stalking a victim, and he wags his tail when kids pet the back of his head. D-Rex’s level of interaction increases with the ability to memorize and perform a sequence of up to 30 actions.

Using the bone-shaped remote control, kids can program D-Rex to perform a number of actions from up to 25 feet away. Pressing “attack” mode makes D-Rex stand alert, and pressing it a second time sends him on a roaring rampage. In “guard” mode, D-Rex stiffens and scans the room, moving his head from side to side. At the first sound of an intruder, D-Rex will roar to alert you.

Start roaring now and get the D-Rex Interactive Dinosaur 2009 with US $89.99 with free shipping (you Save US $60.00 that’s 40% off!).

Elenco Snap Circuit 300-in-1: over 300 electronic projects, more than a toy!

We venture that even Edison would be amazed!
Prepare to engineer over 300 exciting, useful electronic gadgets & play lively electronic games with Electronic Snap Circuits’ Snap Circuits SC-300!
This kit features a valuable collection of materials! The colorful and easy-to-follow format of the instruction manual makes circuit assembly stress-free and fun.

All parts are mounted on plastic modules and snap together with ease. Leave the tools in the garage-everything you need for your electronics learning adventure is included.
With Snap Circuits SC-300 your understanding of electronics is a SNAP!

Snap Circuits SC-300 contains over 60 parts and allows for literally over 300 Projects!

Here are just a few:
Lamp & Fan, Musical Doorbell, Laser Gun, Police Car Symphony, Reflection Detector, Spinning Rings, Pencil Alarm, Race Game, Photosensitive Electronic Organ, Space War Music Combo, The Lie Detector, Mosquito, Musical Motion Detector, Fire Fan Symphony, Water Detector, Screaming Fan, Daylight Music Radio, Blow off a Space War, Red & Green Control, Touch Buzzer, Laser Light, Flooding Alarm, Make Your Own Battery, Hissing Foghorn, Blow On a Candle, Mosquito, Voice-Controlled Rays of Light, Spacey Fan, Old-Style Typewriter, Blinking Double Flashlight, Hummer, Motor That Won’t Start, Steamship, Pressure Alarm, Feedback Kazoo, Race Car Engine… and more!

Unique Learning Experience
Creating a flying UFO from “scratch” with rudimentary electronic pieces was highly satisfying to us, and we think Electronic Snap Circuits may well help young students gain and foster an appreciation for, and interest in, how electronics work and are built.

For students who are already learning about electronics in school, this set creates a hands-on experience that makes for more fun than reading about how these things work in a textbook.
So don’t be surprised if report cards come back with higher grades after playing with this toy.

The Snap Circuits SC-300 is available now for US $39.67 (You Save: $20.32 , -34% and free shipping too!)