LEGO Toy Story Buzz’s Star Command Ship

“Not today, Zurg.” On a mission to save the Galaxy, Buzz Lightyear travels to distant planets in his Star Command Spaceship from Lego.
Buzz is always ready to take on his arch enemy, the Evil Emperor Zurg.
If his spaceship gets damaged, Buzz has a secret moon buggy to take out onto the surface.

Buzz’s Ship features list:

  • Includes 2 minifigures: Buzz Lightyear and Evil Emperor Zurg
  • Buzz spaceship with opening panels and cockpit
  • Moon buggy hidden inside spaceship
  • Part of scene where Buzz believes he has landed on the Earth
  • 257 pieces

Our recommended age: 7 years and up

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CAT Kid Tractor with Fully functional front loader! Big tractor, big fun!

CAT Kid Tractor is sure to excite all active children who enjoy playing outside.
Big features and designed as a starter tractor model to fit younger children.
Fully functional components make this tractor just like the real thing with a fully operational front loader that scoops, carries and dumps.

The CAT Pedal Tractor is loaded with fun and sure to excite children who enjoy playing outside!

The German-made CAT tractor’s blow-molded resin body is built to handle job site pounding and outdoor elements.
Your little contractor can really move some dirt – and get a great workout at the same time. Over 42in. long when loader is up!
Perfect for kids up to 50 lbs. (ages 1-5 depending on size).
Recommended Ages (years): 2 – 4, the CAT Kid Tractor is available now for under US $ 130.00!

Think Big Science – Life Science Game for up to 4 players!

Think Big Science Life Science Game. Climb the tower to conquer the big ideas of science.

Reinforces key science concepts, content vocabulary, data and graph interpretation, and life science topics.
Color-coded, standards-based questions relate to animals, plants, life cycles, food chains, human body and more. Short answer and multiple choice—similar to standardized tests.
Players move up the tower, answering a conceptual big idea question at the top to win.

Includes 200 double-sided question cards in storage box and easy-to-assemble game tower measuring 3 1/2″ in diameter at bottom x 10 3/4″H.
For 2–4 players.

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Test Your Knowledge of Twilight Trivia with Scene It? Twilight Saga Deluxe

Quench your thirst for trivia with Twilight Saga Scene It? Deluxe Edition. Recommended for ages 13 and older, this DVD trivia game features hundreds of questions about your favorite moments from all three Twilight movies. Scene It? also challenges you to use observation, memory, wordplay, and problem solving to decode special DVD puzzles. Designed for two or more players, this trivia game is ideal for both die-hard and casual Twilight fans.

Test Your Knowledge of Twilight Trivia
From the game pieces to the trivia cards, every aspect of Scene It? Twilight Saga Deluxe has been infused with Twilight passion. The game begins with players choosing one of four collectible tokens to represent their team. These sculpted-metal tokens represent some of the Twilight series’ most iconic items: Bella’s graduation cap, a sleek werewolf, the Volturi clock tower, and the Cullen family crest.

Teams advance around the board by completing two types of challenges: traditional trivia questions and DVD-based puzzles. The trivia cards ask questions with a wide range of difficulties. Some of the tougher questions are challenging enough to stump even the most devoted Twilight fans.

Players can also strategically use special Fate Cards to throw their opponents off course. A new game feature, Sketch It, Act It!, and Say It!, lets you relive key moments as you draw, act, and describe clues from all the Twilight movies. Be the first to complete the Twilightning Round, and you win.

Recommended for ages 13 and older.

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Uncle Milton Star Wars Science Holographic Animation Lab

star wars animation labMake your favorite Star Wars: The Clone Wars characters come to life with the Holographic Animation Lab.
Learn about animation, persistence of vision and the principles of a zoetrope, an invention that is nearly 2,000 years old.
The Animation Lab comes with 10 animation disks – one side has characters from The Clone Wars and the other side is blank so you can create your own moving pictures.
Ages 6 and up.

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Thomas the Train Trackmaster R/C: durable, funny and remote controlled!

trackmasterThe magic of Thomas & Friends comes to life with remote control action!
The TrackMaster remote lets little engineers control Thomas’ every move.
A push or pull on the handle sends the engine forward or backward with a chug-chug or stops them with a hiss.
Other buttons let children hear engine whistles and the Thomas & Friends theme song too.

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eMedia My Piano Starter Pack for Kids: easy to learn yet fully featured!

The eMedia My Piano Starter Pack for Kids has everything your child needs to begin playing the piano: an electronic keyboard sized for small fingers, a power supply, and a USB cable for connecting the MIDI keyboard to your computer. The keyboard features built-in speakers and realistic sampled sounds. What’s more, it comes with a great teacher, the new interactive eMedia My Piano CD-ROM (for Windows & Mac computers) for children ages 5 and up. eMedia My Piano Starter Pack now also comes with a bonus My Piano DVD.

The award-winning eMedia My Piano educational software is what sets this keyboard Pack apart from all others. In eMedia My Piano an animated character named Pam the Piano leads kids through over 100 lessons, authored and demonstrated by Irma Irene Justicia, M.A., who has taught at the renowned Juilliard School of Music. eMedia My Piano covers basics such as proper hand and finger position, learning notes, counting rhythm, playing harmonies, and reading music. All this and more is taught with popular songs and melodies. The interactive games interspersed throughout the method make learning fun and easy.

eMedia My Piano teaches with the help of videos and live recorded songs. The Animated Keyboard shows kids where to put their fingers as the music plays. The speed of the music can be adjusted with MIDI tracks, so kids can learn at their own pace. When My Piano is used with the MIDI keyboard included in this Pack, students get feedback on notes and rhythms they played incorrectly and are shown what they should have played instead. Separate audio tracks (left/right hand, piano only/voice only) and colorful MIDI accompaniments provide engaging practice options. Additional valuable tools such as a metronome and digital recorder are also included.

The eMedia My Piano Starter Pack also includes a bonus DVD for learning with the eMedia lessons on your TV. This makes learning even more accessible for when the computer is not convenient. The My Piano DVD features the same fun easy-to-follow lessons found in the My Piano CD-ROM.

The eMedia My Piano Starter Pack for Kids is available now for just US $ 82.99 (saving more than 45% off regular price!)

Kinectimals for Xbox 360: your animal experience like nothing else, not just pets’ playing!

Kinectimals for Xbox 360: a brand new way to get to know animals!

A wide-eyed Bengal tiger cub cocks its head to the side and playfully peers at you. Memories of your first trip to the zoo come rushing back. Through the magic of Kinect that furry tiger cub is in your living room and about to become your best friend.

“Kinectimals” invites children, their parents and animal lovers of all ages to build lasting friendships with some of the world’s most exotic creatures. Just like real pets, your “Kinectimals” will come running when they hear your voice, respond to commands such as “jump,” “roll over” and “play dead,” and purr with joy when you scratch them behind their ears.

Get in touch with your wild side. Your journey begins when you adopt and name one of 20 playful friends, including a lion, cheetah and Bengal tiger.
Create memories that last a lifetime. From the first time she recognizes her name to when she learns to fetch, your cub will grow up as your sidekick, eager to discover the island around you. She will always be ready for a scratch and a belly rub with smiles and purrs.

The fun never ends. There are new ways to train tricks such as fetch, play activities such as jump rope, and even master agility courses with hops, stops and balancing acts. Invite a friend with his or her pet for some fun contests.
Discover, collect and customize. “Kinectimals” rewards those who are curious about the island they live on. Travel far and wide to discover treasures and toys, and find and unlock new environments.You can customize your pet and decorate your home, plus use the in-game store to shop for items to nurture and care for your new best friend.
Grow your “Kinectimals” family. Collectible, limited-edition plush toys will be available online and at popular retail stores. Choose your new friend, scan the code with the Kinect sensor, then watch it come to life on the screen right before your eyes. With your very own plush pal you can keep your new friend with you even when you’re away from your Xbox 360.

Grab Kinectimals now for US $ 46.99!

Spy Gear Spy Video TRAKR: track, spy, patrol remotely!

Add high-tech sophistication to your spying games with the Spy Gear Spy Video TRAKR.

This remote-controlled robot lets you record video with as much secrecy as possible. It transmits video to the full-color screen on the remote control for viewing in real time.

For more advanced spying, TRAKR can run specialized apps for even better functionality, and it can store video on a memory card (sold separately) for uploading to your computer.

Recommended for spies ages eight and older, TRAKR offers hours of high-tech sleuthing fun.

Spy Gear Spy Video TRAKR is available (with savings) for US $ 89.89!

PSP Avatar: the movie & the game for PSP!

James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game allows you to step inside the world of the feature film and go deep into the heart of Pandora and its people. Choose to fight for either RDA or the Na’vi, arming yourself with any of dozens of customizable weapons and a variety of clan-specific skills. Acquire new skills as you advance through the game, giving your all in the epic battle for a planet and a people.

Avatar Game Key Features:

  • Become immersed in the world of the Avatar feature film, viewing James Cameron’s universe from your own perspective
  • Take your stand in a raging conflict, fighting either for the indigenous Na’vi or the resource-hunting RDA Corporation
  • Arm yourself with any of more than 60 total RDA and Na’vi weapons, customizing them for your own use
  • Prepare yourself for battle by choosing any of 20 skills for each clan
  • Design your own character and acquire new skills as you make your way through the game
  • Participate fully in the conflict, even driving all the vehicles and riding the animalsBased on James Cameron’s film, the game takes you deep into the heart of Pandora, an alien planet that is beyond imagination. Gamers encounter the Na’vi, Pandora’s indigenous people and discover creatures and other wildlife the likes of which have never been seen in the world of video games before. When conflict erupts between the RDA Corporation, a space-faring consortium in search of valuable resources, and the Na’vi, players find themselves thrust into a fight for the heart of a planet and the fate of a civilization.

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