Quench your thirst for trivia with Twilight Saga Scene It? Deluxe Edition. Recommended for ages 13 and older, this DVD trivia game features hundreds of questions about your favorite moments from all three Twilight movies. Scene It? also challenges you to use observation, memory, wordplay, and problem solving to decode special DVD puzzles. Designed for two or more players, this trivia game is ideal for both die-hard and casual Twilight fans.

Test Your Knowledge of Twilight Trivia
From the game pieces to the trivia cards, every aspect of Scene It? Twilight Saga Deluxe has been infused with Twilight passion. The game begins with players choosing one of four collectible tokens to represent their team. These sculpted-metal tokens represent some of the Twilight series’ most iconic items: Bella’s graduation cap, a sleek werewolf, the Volturi clock tower, and the Cullen family crest.

Teams advance around the board by completing two types of challenges: traditional trivia questions and DVD-based puzzles. The trivia cards ask questions with a wide range of difficulties. Some of the tougher questions are challenging enough to stump even the most devoted Twilight fans.

Players can also strategically use special Fate Cards to throw their opponents off course. A new game feature, Sketch It, Act It!, and Say It!, lets you relive key moments as you draw, act, and describe clues from all the Twilight movies. Be the first to complete the Twilightning Round, and you win.

Recommended for ages 13 and older.

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