Star Wars Imperial AT-AT All Terrain Armored Transport Vehicle. The largest action figure AT-AT ever made!

Scaled to interact with 3 ” figures, the Star Wars 2010 Super Deluxe AT-AT Walker measures approximately 24″ tall x 28″ long x 12″ wide, is designed to carry a total of 20 figures, 6 of which can be used as crew for the AT-AT head cockpit; the Super Deluxe AT-AT is accompanied by a 3 ” AT-AT Driver and a deployable Speeder Bike.

Bearing dimensions sufficient to crush all opposition and thoroughly terrorize all enemies of the Empire, the quadrupedal AT-AT stands 22.5 meters tall.
Crewed by a pilot, gunner/copilot, deck officers and a commander, the AT-AT is capable of housing forty or more troops, and as many as five Speeder Bikes and two AT-ST vehicles.

Powered by an FW62 compact fusion drive system, the AT-AT is equipped with an MS-1 fire-linked heavy laser cannon, medium repeating blasters, and Durasteel footpads. During the Empire assault on the Rebel Alliance Echo Base on Hoth, lumbering AT-AT Walkers, pitted against the Alliance Snowspeeders, comprised a large portion of the Imperial occupation. Later, Walkers were used to patrol the Empire holdings, in conjunction with Death Star II shield generator, on the moon of Endor.

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