D-Rex Interactive Dinosaur: a ferocious yet loyal interactive dinosaur with an independent personality!

The ultimate Prehistoric Pet is back again with great new features.
D-Rex Interactive Dinosaur 2009 combines robotics, sensors and reptilian-like skin to create a lifelike appearance and behavior. He’ll walk, chomp and roar. Like a real pet, D-Rex will follow the sound of your voice, make funny noises and protect your room with his roaring guard mode. Now you can even teach D-Rex tricks, programming him to perform a sequence of up to 30 actions.

Dinosaur lovers of all ages are in luck!
The D-Rex Interactive Dinosaur 2009 is a friend, guardian, and prankster all rolled into one toy. Designed for kids eight years and older, this dinosaur –brought to life with “biomorphic robotics”– features over 100 sounds and movements. Using a bone-shaped remote,D-Rex responds to an “attack” command by roaring and stalking a victim, and he wags his tail when kids pet the back of his head. D-Rex’s level of interaction increases with the ability to memorize and perform a sequence of up to 30 actions.

Using the bone-shaped remote control, kids can program D-Rex to perform a number of actions from up to 25 feet away. Pressing “attack” mode makes D-Rex stand alert, and pressing it a second time sends him on a roaring rampage. In “guard” mode, D-Rex stiffens and scans the room, moving his head from side to side. At the first sound of an intruder, D-Rex will roar to alert you.

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Revell Vexplorer Robotics System: a robot kit from another planet!

We love toys, we love robots, we love technostuff that moves and so on.
But this is another thing.
It’s the Revell Vexplorer!

Revell Vexplorer is the ideal robot kit for the novice builder. Complete with detailed step-by-step plans, this almost-ready-to-run kit comes with pre-assembled modules making it quick and easy to build. Best of all, your robot is compatible with VEX Motion and Structure parts allowing you to expand and grow your robot.

The Revell Vexplorer comes in a huge well-protected package with a carrying handle. You won’t miss this box on the shelf or under the Christmas tree! Inside the box is a huge styrofoam tray that has each of the pre-assembled modules as well as the compulsory bag of parts needed to finish the assembly.

The foundation of this project is the lower hull that consists of pre-formed and pre-holed aluminum C-channels. The workmanship is excellent. Two of the C-channels are pre-installed on the drive systems (actually serving as the mounts for the axles, motor and drive gears.

But it’s much More Than A Toy!

With more than 300 parts, the Revell Vexplorer allows users to create, experiment, and play with endless combinations of radio-controlled robotic activity. Designed by Revell Monogram, this robotic design system is endorsed by such prestigious organizations as NASA, Carnegie Mellon, and FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology). Young and old electronics and robot enthusiasts will have a blast learning about robotic configuration through hands-on experience. In less than an hour, users can construct their very own robot. Compatible with the entire Vex system, the Vexplorer can be easily expanded using optional Vex accessories and mechanical parts from other Vex machines.

More than a mere toy, the Revell Vexplorer boasts its own built-in spy camera, transmitting live color pictures with sound to any standard television. Utilizing a camera receiver module box, it broadcasts video over distances up to 150 feet. The Vexplorer also makes lifting and moving objects around both fun and challenging. The claw is strong enough to pick up a full 12-ounce can, yet delicate enough to handle a bird’s feather. By simply keeping the claw control held down, the sensitive, soft plastic grip material keeps things clenched. Setting a can of soda back down without dropping it is another story — that takes practice.

Built with a sturdy, metal base, arm, and arm support, the Revell Vexplorer can stand up to its share of wear and tear. It operates with many metal and durable plastic pieces, including four motors and 24 gears, as well as cables, harnesses, tools, screws, nuts, bolts, and more. The six rubber-like plastic tires with tread grips make for easy rolling over most even surfaces. However, getting over some bumps can prove frustrating, if not outright impossible at times.

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Check on Youtube for videos like this to get an idea of how the Vexplorer performs:

Tomy i-Sobot: don’t call it the “tiny robot” or a “toy robot”!

According to the Tomy i-Sobot website, this is the world’s smallest humanoid robot in production, as per Guiness World Records. With 17 servos and only 6-1/2″ high, it could be.

And I should be one to talk about the “smallest”.

The Tomy I-SOBOT stands a mere 6-1/2 inches tall. The articulated joints give the i-Sobot an incredible range of motion. And, it’s fun to pose.

i-sobot tomy>The Tomy I-SOBOT requires 3xAAA batteries, and Tomy has included rechargeable NiMH Sanyo Eneloop batteries. The remote takes AA batteries (not included). Tomy says it should run for 60 minutes under normal use.

When you power it on, the i-Sobot stands upright. A green “eye” lights up. A blue side-light on the side of the head can be turned on and off separately.

There are two switches on the back. One is for power, the other is a channel selector. The remote control is infrared, and the IR sensor is on the robot’s shoulder.

Tomy I-SOBOT is powered by 17 customs developed servo-motors and 19 integrated circuit chips. He features a built-in gyro sensor and comes fully assembled, ready for action. He can be controlled in a variety of ways: by pre-programmed actions, user programmed actions (done easily with the LCD remote control), or by real-time remote control or voice commands.

Check this video on YouTube about i-Sobot hidden commands by AlphA202303!

The Tomy I-SOBOT it’s now available for US $ 129.95 (28% off its regular price!)